“By utilising the 360 Athlete platform and their online coaches I accomplished a personal best in the NorthFace 50km trail race by smashing my time by 30 minutes!”
Kurtis Poole

“Thank you 360 Athlete for helping me conquer Mont Blanc. You tailored a program that was suitable to my fitness level and goals to get me physically and mentally prepared for the climb. Now I’m ready for an even bigger adventure.”

Vi Nguyen

“For me 360 Athlete is like having a personal trainer with you every workout. The tailored program week in week out keeps my workouts dynamic and ensures I am achieving great results.
I go to gym to not have to think, this is why I love using the app. Keeps track of my sets counts and provides a timer for rest periods. The ability to leave notes for my trainer and track me results and progress is essential in helping me hit my goals. Another feature I really like is the videos and pictures to help me understand the exercise and required form.”

Rob Opsyera

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Nils and 360 Athelete for prepping my 11yo son for his AC Milan Tournament in Italy. The 360 Athelete website has provided Jermaine with workouts which have helped him tremendously physically and mentally, and the feedback & advice has been great. Jermaine has become more confident in his physical ability to perform at his ultimate best in Italy. Thank you!”

Jermaine T.Q.