360 Athlete Podcast:02 – Angela Flannery prepares for the NSW Boxing Championships

Podcast Episode:02 is now ONLINE. Find out more about 360 Athlete Angela Flannery how she prepares for the NSW State Boxing Championships, using the 360 Athlete Platform. Get an inside on her training schedule, how she fits it into a busy life and what she thinks is one of the most important characteristics in her training. [...]

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Introducing our brand new Podcast – 360 Athlete on AthleteOnFire

Our very first 360 Athlete Podcast presented by Nils & Anthony is now available to listen to on AthleteOnFire - 360 Athlete:01 The North Face 50k in the Blue Mountains. To celebrate the release of our first Podcast we are offering a free 10 day trial.  click on the picture above to follow the link! Show Notes: Introduction to [...]

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360 ATHLETE:03 1 Rep Max: HOW, WHY, The origin and how you can apply.

Podcast Episode:03 is now ONLINE. Listen to 360 Coach Nils Hestermann talking about 1 RM testing. Find out HOW to test and WHY it is important to know your numbers. Join for a free 10 Day trial, just follow the link below.   click on the picture above to follow the link! Join 360 Athlete NOW

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