360 ATHLETE:03 1 Rep Max: HOW, WHY, The origin and how you can apply.

Podcast Episode:03 is now ONLINE. Listen to 360 Coach Nils Hestermann talking about 1 RM testing. Find out HOW to test and WHY it is important to know your numbers. Join for a free 10 Day trial, just follow the link below.   click on the picture above to follow the link! Join 360 Athlete NOW

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Don’t fall behind in your runs- Strengthen your BUTT!

Too many recreational runners and even quite a few professional running athletes have non existent glutes both in strength and a functionality perspective. Here are 2 main reasons for this: The athlete has inhibited glutes With this reason the gluteus are in constant shutdown mode. They just don't contract in daily life. A classic example [...]

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A Quick look Into Overtraining Amongst Athletes

Its definitely no secret among elite and recreational athletes that in order to improve performance or compete at a high level, an individual or team must factor in a variety of components to achieve success. One of these components is to train hard and train consistently. However, training hard breaks the body down and in [...]

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Are You Mentally Prepared For Competition?

We all plan and train to physically condition ourselves for competition, however learning how to prepare and even perform mentally for an event can be just as challenging. There are always numerous distractions and unique circumstances that can come into play leading up to and during competition. You don't have to be an elite athlete [...]

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